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Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Dependability are our way of doing Buisness!

My name is Mike Parker, and I am the Owner/Operator of Hall County Pressure Wash. I am Originally from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL where everything is all about the Beach and "Beach Life" moving to Gainesville, GA I found something similiar "Lake Life" while both bodies of water are wonderful unfourtunetly they both provide us with some humid atmoshpheres, combine that with warm Spring and Summer days and you have the perfect places for Red, Black, and the common Green Algea to Bloom and Thrive. Not to mention Fungal growths, moss, and weeds. Covering your Homes, Roofs, Walkways, and even your Windows. This is where we come into the picture, your home is your largest investment a disregard to keeping things clean in and around your home can be costly. Something so simple as your gutters can casue problems in the future with the foundation of your homes. 

We offer regular Services to help you with 

this problem without getting on any ladders

or lifting a finger. 


We reccomend having your House cleaned

along with your Driveway and Walkways every

8-16 Months depending on location, and how

quickly it becomes dirty. 


Recomended having your windows cleaned anywhere from 2-6 times a year, again depending on how clean you want them and how dirty they get over the course of the year. 


Gutter Service is recommended 2-4 times a year, Fall and Spring are a must but some houses may require more than that. 

We Stand with a Customer Satisfaction Gurantee and are fully insured


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